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I’m happy to put the breeding on here Sarah. The more traffic on the forum the better. 🙂
The Sire is Carhall Patrick 22 R006876GS
and the two sows are sisters Theoak Josephine 252 and 256

The two sows ‘pet’ names are Dot and Gladys and they had litters just 36 hours apart.
Dot had eight piglets but decided that having her babies in the doorway to her sty and exercise yard was a better bet than the strawed area and she squashed three of them leaving her five. She has four boars and a gilt.
Gladys had thirteen piglets but squashed four, leaving her nine. There are four boars and five gilts.
I moved Dot and her litter outside into a new grassed enclosure this morning. You can see them on this link.