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I think it needs to be spelt out in more detail than that, GOS – I find “animal waste” a difficult term. The slice of ham which allegedly started an out-break of swine fever when tossed carelessly over a fence into a pig field was not “waste” as it was provided for human consumption. Is whey from a dairy animal waste? Can I feed ailing pigs on bread (containing animal fat) and milk (animal product)? What about adding an egg?

I find it a very difficult area; the various charts produced by different organisations haven’t simplified it enough for me in the daily domestic situation: I still find myself asking whether I can legally chuck a bucket of potato peelings (kitchen waste) over the fence to the pigs.

A really simple, clear explanation on this site would be a great help, and a good reference point – possibly also downloadable as a leaflet. We really need soemthing clear and graphic for both ourselves and the well-intentioned people who want to make sometimes unsuitable offerings to our pigs.