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stephen booth

    Fruit and veg for pigs . Well Chloe if this is purchased through the front door of the shop and for human consumption that seems fine. What if its from the “waste” bin and “trimmings” and out of the back door ? Is that then a waste product and seemingly not fit for human consumption…. …but good enough for the pigs as they are just pigs ? Indeed most millers will use waste bread in their formulations to the addition of the odd piece of plastic showing on nuts these days.
    If you feed waste apples that have gone a little “furry” 999 times out of 1000 there is no problem . The other occasion it has been known for pigs to have ears drop off a la French Revolution.
    My point is that its about being sensible when it comes to feeding your stock . An old old saying is as true today as whenever it was first said. “LOOK AFTER YOUR STOCK AND THEY WILL LOOK AFTER YOU”