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Can anyone tell me the going price for GOS weaners?

How long is a a piece of string?

I have paid up to £65 for birth notified gilts and as little as £30 for unnotified boar weaners. But to a certain extent your price is determined by how much people are willing to pay. I know of some people who produce far more than me and price at £65 for gilts and £50 for boars (all both notified), and have a full order book.

But as I produce a few litters a year, I can’t provide the the regularity of supply, so therefore my prices will be lower. I would like to be able to sell at £50 for gilts and £45 for boars.

I had great trouble selling in the middle of the summer, and looking at the freeads there are a lot of weaners at the moment priced between £25 and £65 so its hard to give a price.

Ultimately charge at a level that covers your costs, and are in line with what people locally to you are selling, but once you’ve set a price, then stick to it. Its a premium product so should be priced as such, and is not comparable to either commercial or crossbreed prices.

James Tucker
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