For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted wanted in pig sow/ or weaner gilts Reply To: wanted in pig sow/ or weaner gilts


if you have one pig you breed from they class it as just that bulrush so be aware for the one in pig you’re trying to find just in case (you can get away with it with the uncovered gilts no doubts), that ‘hobby’ pig will come under the legislation, thanks GOS, just read and saw it’s 60km tho isn’t giving off much info on there from personal experiences of members here…. annoying tho that we keep ours as pets and as a hobby too, but because sell the piglets (at a loss I’ll add) we’re classed as an ‘economic activity’ with two sows and one boar….we had 11 piglets last time, didn’t even cover corn costs, great business….! [8)]

if you plan to show (like us, tell us when…can chase loose gilts together LOL) or get more and sell the piglets and source your newbies from further afield…you will need the licence, and TS are starting to check up apparentely, or they are round here anyway, probs to ensure folks are, like not paying enough out, dunno why pig keeping numbers are dropping, way to go the powers that be…. [xx(]