For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted wanted in pig sow/ or weaner gilts Reply To: wanted in pig sow/ or weaner gilts


let us know when you’re going to some shows bulrush, would love to come along and support a fellow spottie keeper! [:D]

in fact you’ll be more experienced in the show ring than me by sounds of it so I’ll be picking your brains – failing that I’m great at cleaning if you need your piggles washing down at the show!![8D]

it’s so annoying though isn’t it, they aren’t cheap to keep, you don’t make much if at all and sometimes you just can’t locate something that’s round the corner from you that you like but are barred by distances, makes no sense, I could drive with trailer to lands end if I wanted to go pick up a horse from there, but a pet pig, no chance….[xx(]

I’m going for mine so in the future won’t be deemed by distance for a potential new piggy…dreading it I’ll be honest (hence the excitement at thinking had found a fellow victim LOL), FIL says nothing to worry about (he had to do it for his sheep) but he’s a solicitor who knows the ropes, I’ll be stumped! LOL