For Sale, Wanted or to Hire For Sale Sambo Boar For Sale D.O.B 25.8.05 Reply To: Sambo Boar For Sale D.O.B 25.8.05


Hi, thank you to all that have enquired about Samson our boar. I think I need to give some more information as I have had lots of questions asking the same kind of thing so

How old is he – He is 5 years old
Are you selling him because he is no good – No! He is producing lovely litters of long, well marked pigs
Is he friendly – Samson likes his back rubbed and comes to his name
Is he registered – Yes fully registered
Is he ringed – No none of my pigs are ringed
Is he too big for gilts – Yes he is a fully grown boar
How much is he – He is £150.00 to the right free range home only
Can he be visited on the farm – yes no problem

Should you require further information just let me know [:)]