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we’ve had the same mandy, had one phone and say ‘got the sow on the trailer am bringing her now’ – didn’t seem to have any concept of movement restrictions, calling to see if was ok to bring her in the first place, got told sorry but can’t take her, he’s in with our girls and they come first and we had weaners to move on, can’t keep them for another 3 weeks 😉 lol

they weren’t happy and got quite abusive about it even though hadn’t even booked her in, I think one line was ‘you should be grateful we’re bringing her to keep him company it’s doing you a favour you shouldn’t even charge’!!! [:D] needless to say that put us off having their pig here anyway and got told don’t call us…ever (apparentely we’re not the only breeder in area tried it with, know of two more happened with!!), I think perhaps this is why lots of breeders are stopping hiring out, I know we’ve decided not to pursue it anymore, we’ve got enough girls to keep him happy and we’ve taken on a young barren gilt to stay with him when they come in to farrow, it’s a shame as he’s a lovely quiet stock getter and very fertile!!

only one’s coming in now are friends that don’t mind working around OUR covering schedule, there’s quite a few so it’ll keep him busy anyway and at least we know they don’t mind working around us lol 🙂

your lad’s lovely, always had a soft spot for him – pardon the pun 😉 [:D]