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I am interested if you still have her, , but where in the country are you we live on isle of lewis, but I want to start a pedigree herd here. I already have 3 sows , not gos & kune kunes & have reared piglets last year.


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[br]Chapel Countess 9 for sale, we originally brought her on as a barren sow to keep our boar company, obviously she’s not [:D] as she’s had her first litter and has since been covered by our chap again with no season sign since, she was seen being covered on 28th October so should be due around Feb/March time next year, we allow our sows to run with the boar and Jack’s never missed a target yet so they’d be farrowing at an ideal just after winter time.

If we had the room for another farrowing sow we’d keep her but like say, we brought her to keep our chap company, she’s obviously out of action when she’s farrowing now and so she’s got to go to a new home, she’s a friendly girl, well marked for those who like them with spots but she’s not overly spotty, loves scratches and fuss, she’s a good solid pig and for her registration she was looked over by Andy Robinson who passed her as fit for the herdbook, her piglets are gorgeous and she did them very well indeed, she farrowed 8 and reared all 8 of them, very nice examples of the old spot breed and she’s been covered by the same boar again, our own lad who you can see on site whom is also a very solid stocky chap, we still have a couple here that can at the moment be viewed and I can email pictures of her and her piglets to you if required.

£200 to a good home, we can keep her until after new year if required if a deposit left on her [:)]