For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted Sow – Ideally Ellen or Bluebell Reply To: Sow – Ideally Ellen or Bluebell


    Blinkers, we’ll have a young Bluebell sow that we’re selling, she’s due to farrow (hopefully!) so we’ve taken her off sale as don’t want to upset her but she’ll be weaned off in a few months and then can be re-covered by our chap if required, she’s a lovely girl, this is her second litter, we’ve reared her from weaning, she comes to call and is really easy to move around [:)]

    am saying hopefully due to farrow as we had a nightmare time of 6 farrowing at once and we lost track, she is in pig though, she was scanned in pig and she’s getting a bag on her now so it’s closer [:)]

    we never intended to keep her…but you know how it goes, you get attached, you’re welcome to come view her or I can send some piccies over to you via email! [:D]

    we’re in Belper, Derbyshire [:)]