For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted Can anyone help – PLEASE Reply To: Can anyone help – PLEASE


    CarrHall – many many thanks for responding again and yep, still in the same situation, and can fully understand. Such a shame isn’t it – I keep re-checking the distance, but just impossible. Thanks so much again, you’re very kind.

    fordmill – bless you and thank you for your offer but again, looking at the jolly old google map, its gonna be too far to get there and back with a trailer in one day – due to having stock to feed up and milk morning and eve. Thank you too for your kind offer.

    Around Gloucester/Bristol area (or thereabouts) is probably about as far as we could travel. I missed the show and sale thinking I had an animal sorted,[:(!] but there we are.

    Thanks again fordhill and CarrHall – appreciate your replies.