For Sale, Wanted or to Hire For Sale 2 Pure Breed Boar Weaners – 8 weeks old – Ready Reply To: 2 Pure Breed Boar Weaners – 8 weeks old – Ready



[i]Originally posted by richardwilliams88[/i]

I have two pure-breed old spot boar wearers which are ready. They would be superb for breeding as they are wonderful markings and firm bodies.

Sorry to bring this old chesnut up again but by pure-breed do you mean pedigree i.e that they have been birth noted and can be registered with the BPA? or are they pure breed in the respect that their parents are both spotty pigs?
Sorry to be pedantic but there are so many pigs sold to buyers who are unaware that “pure breed” does NOT mean nor guarantee pedigree status.
remember without a pedigree its just a spotty pig!
Please clarify also your location would be useful to viewers.