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    We have three RUFUS / PRINCESS JOAN boars, birth notified – born October 2005. Not proven as nothing un-related to test on at present. Will have to be collected but this will reflect in the price.

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    hello dotti
    we are looking for a boar, but it would of course depend where you are. somewhere north? and if, i would need a bit more information on the pedigree. are they really october 05, or is it 06?

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    Hi Steffi,
    We are in West Wales near Llandysul. The boars are Winnal Rufus with Meurig Princess Joan and yes they are from an October 05 litter. We were toying with getting an unrelated gilt but when our PJoan has litters of 15 or more we do not need another as you can well see we are finding it difficult to move stock on. Hope this is helpful to you, Cheers
    Felin Gernos herd of GOSPOTS

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    I have sent you an email Dotti.

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    hi dotti
    i think that is probobly to far away for us. hope you find someone.
    thanks, steffi

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    Hi Dotti,
    I’m looking for a boar. Perhaps you could e-mail me some more details. Thanks.

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    Hi, have sold two boars, thanks to Mike Hurley and have taken the other one off of the sale list as he has developed what looks like a hernia around his “tackle”. Am waiting for the vet to peruse to see what we should do with him.

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