For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted In-pig sow to start my herd!

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      Hello – I’m looking for a registered in-pig sow (preferably no older than 2 years)to start my herd. [:)] Have been rearing weaners for the last couple of years and now want to branch out into breeding my own (gulp). Can anyone help please. I’m in West Sussex but prepared to travel up to about 100 miles for the right ‘girl’. [:)] Many thanks.

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        There are a couple advertised in the For Sale section although you may need to extend your 100mile range by a few more yards as they’re in Lincs and Herefordshire. Alternatively, the BPA have a pedigree Show & Sale in Ross on Wye on Oct 6th and you should get a selection there to choose from.

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          Thanks Richard. Unfortunately, the ones on sale are some 180/190 miles away and Ross-On-Wye is about 220, so am hoping something a little nearer may crop up.

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            Hi….. Maybe able to help, and am not so far away either! I’m close to M1 Junction 9 in Herts, and have one notified Gilt ready for the boar, or a 2 year old registered sow with the boar now. 07860 886912

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              Thanks very much. Have emailed you.[:)]

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                “Corky” has now arrived and is the start of my new GOS herd[:)] Due to farrow latter part of January, so keeping everything crossed that she’ll happily oblige without any help from me! [8)] Many thanks Peter for all your help and advice – will keep you posted. [:)]

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