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      registered weaners for sale, sire gerald/ dam ellen
      ready beginning of november
      south scotland

      steffi :01387/760671

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        Hi Steffi,

        I take it my boar worked Ok ? Did you manage to register him with no probs ?

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        stephen booth

          Just an interesting point of order here. The breeder should register the pig and not the purchaser. Infact the BPA should stictly speaking , not allow the pig to be registered by anybody under any circumstances, other than the breeder, and if the pig has moved on it may be argued it should go before inspection by the BPA before any registration be considered.

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            the thing is: i haven’t managed to register him, as you say, the bpa doesn’t allow that. but jim: i haven’t managed to get back in contact with you, because your email doesn’t work. you have to register the boar and transfer him to me as well.
            for that litter, it is from a different boar, yours is on his first job just now.
            greetings, steffi

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