For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted a newbie pig fancier – introduction

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      Ok please be gentle with me!! My name is Michael and I hope you don’t mind me writing an introduction about myself ..

      I have been thinking for years about keeping some gloucester Old Spots as my grandmother had them on her farm. Now I have my own smallholding on the shropshire/welsh border (near Shrewsbury … and just outside Welshpool).But i am a part time farmer only … I also work but mainly from home these days. I also breed, show and judge dogs. And have horses too!

      I am a practical person that likes to rear my own food (including veg and fruit) … i keep rare breed poultry (about 30 in the flock of Wyandottes & Marans) ) and rare breed sheep (3 Shropshires, 6 Lincolns) … and although my initial sheep will always be my pets I have a few lambs each year from them for the freezer and keep the odd ewe lamb to increase my breeding flock and with the chickens also I rear a few cockerels each year for the pot.

      So pigs … where do i start? does any one live close to me that would be able to help and advice me … i am a good listener … a quick learner and the pigs would be very well looked after with the best food that i could provide and the greatest care.

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        Hi Michael, sounds like your doing a great job, I live near Bridgnorth, shropshire. like you I am a part time smallholder, but only just starting , I have just reared my first 4 weaners who went to slaughter about two weeks ago, although I am sure there are things I can do better with my next, lovely little lot of porkers( ready in about six weeks) I was really pleased with the results. Pigs are a bit addictive, I really enjoyed rearing my GOS weaners,I am already thinking about breeding my own !! I have also just purcased my first meat birds and my chucks have just started laying, Hope you get lots of advice from this forum as I need loads too.
        Good Luck Julie.

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        stephen booth

          I would suggest you start quite simply with 2 weaners to take on to pork. This way you will learn ,at very little cost,the most important thing….do you like pigs . You may presently “think” its a great idea, but in some cases reality is not quite the same.In a lot of cases it is simply the begining of”an affair” into the search for perfection.
          The housing , space, costs etc of 2 pigs will not be as trying, as the paperwork and preparation for the same.
          Quite the best thing to do in the coming months is to visit as many pig breeders as possible ,or pig rearers, and seek advice. Ask as simple or as stupid a question as it may seem . Be sure of one thing ,the person answering you will have asked that question at some point !

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