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      I have in-pig sows for sale and a rufus boar and lots of different age weaners.
      For sale due to marridge breakdown.
      I live in North Yorkshire, Near Settle.
      Please look at pedigree on BPA website, My HDL is SKF
      You can ring me for any further information on 07974822710.
      All my pigs are very friendly and like kids and dogs.

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        just a quick update on my post. I looked up my pigs on BPA website and they are missing off the herd book but if you look under dead stock as well as alive they seem to be there. I will be ringing BPA tomorrow to correct this problem. Hope this helps.

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        stephen booth

          If your sows or gilts have not had birth notified litters , then the BPA will not have them as “live”. On the computer at the BPA the term “live” means breeding pure pigs and notifying them , as oppose to “live” as in breathing !!. Any “dead” pigs would return as a live one on any future notification. Hope this helps. Any pedigree transfer would NOT be hampered

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