For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted Enquiry Received for GOS in Hertfordshire

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    Hi have received the following enquiry for weaners wanted in Hertfordshire. I am hopeing someone can follow it up [:)]

    Are you a first time pig owner? Yes

    Are you looking for GOS Weaners for Pork

    How many do you require? 1-2

    Do you require Gilts (females)

    Please tell us the area you live in Hertfordshire

    Would you like us to pass your enquiry onto the Gloucester Old Spots Breed Society if we cannot meet your requirements? YES

    Will your pigs live free range? Yes! Lots of space, natural food etc.

    Do you require transport? No

    Do you have a question or require more information? Hi,
    What is the cost for 2 weaners and when would the next 2 gilts be ready to be picked up?

    Name: Eve Van Verdeghem

    Email Address:

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