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    Hi I am having difficulties sourcing Gloucester old spot pigs in ireland. I know of only half a dozen breeders but am not able to get a steady supply of weaners. I am also looking for in pig gilts or sows but can’t find any. Has anybody ever exported pigs before to ireland or any country. Is there a huge cost involved and are there a lot of restrictions. Advice would be very much appreciated.

    Regards Patrick

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    stephen booth

    With regard to the rules for importation i suggest you speak to your vet or Trading Standards office , who will be able to give you the appropriate Ministry contact number. No doubt the Ministry office would give you all the required information re paperwork , blood tests etc that would be appropriate. They should also have names of people who have gone through this process before . Not sure if data protection would allow them to give too many details or not of such individuals.Certainly pigs have been imported to the AI centre at Deerpark before.
    Hope thats a start for you at least, and good luck.

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    You need to have an import licence, just contact NPITS and they’ll send you the relevant forms. The pigs you get must be certified ift by a vet in N.Ireland or the U.K, 24 hrs before departure. When you purchase them you MUST get from the vendor :
    1)Animal Transport Cert
    2)Veterinary Service Support Cert
    3)Intra Trade Cert
    4) Declaration from owner that animals have been on his/her holding for a period in excess of 30 days.
    They should have all this ready for you. You should allow £40 on top of your purchase price for the vets cert.from the vendor.

    regards, (Cavan)

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    Hi Patrick,

    Just read your posting with interest. I live in Northern Ireland, nr enniskillen and have 5 breeding GOS pigs. If I can be of any help in supplying you with weaners then please contact me. I have had a lot of experience in exporting pigs to the south. The seller has to do all the paperwork and yes there is an extra charge of about 35-40 pounds for a veterniary visit. There is more to do is you are wishing to import from England.

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