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    Due to family commitments we are selling our herd.
    All our pigs are either registered or birth noted.

    We have a young boar – Fosten Gerald 32 (bought recently to be our new stock boar).
    Two Fosten Ellen gilts in pig (served 17th May.)

    Our 2 year old boar -R003574GS (good, big, viable litters and hasn’t missed one of our sows yet-touch wood!)

    A just comming 2 year old sow had two litters (can be put back into pig, just going to be weaned from current litter) -R003994GS.

    A 3 year old sow had four litters (back in pig served around a month ago)-R003274GS.

    Also 4 birth noted gilts bought with the intention of breeding from (around 6 months old), can be registered with breeeders permission.

    2 birth noted gilts @ 9 months old -also birth registered.

    Weaners (all birth noted) around 12 weeks -castrated boars and gilts

    Weaners (all birth noted) 8 weeks at the moment just going to be weaned -castrated boars and gilts.

    All the pigs are well handled and easy going. We can sell all or parts of our herd seperately. If you would like any more information about them please just give me a call or email.

    01330 830078

    p.s. we are just West of Aberdeen.We have brought pigs up from England, and know someone who may be able to bring pigs down if it helps.

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    Hi, I am inerested in your 4, 6 month gilts, no registration neccessary, how much would you want for all four? and if poss, you mention delivery.I will pay fuel costs and supply nourishment and rest for driver, thankyou, Michael.

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    How many weaners do you have in the 2 litters.

    Regards Patrick

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    We have 7 in the younger litter (there were nine but 2 are already spoken for).
    We have 9 in the older litter (there were 13 but 4 have already gone).

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    HI I would be interested in the 3 year old sow in pig and maybe another sow or gilt in pig. How much are you asking and what would delivery cost to somerset?

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    Thank you for the enquiries.
    We have managed to get a good deal from a local butcher for the pork we produce. This means we will be able to close our farm shop, which will more than half our work load,enabling us to keep our herd, for now.

    Thank you again

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