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    im looking for a patrick boar to borrow or hire for my 2 gilts. we are in the lincolnshire area.


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    we’ve got a Patrick boar, depends whereabouts you are, we’re in Derbyshire [:)]

    very fertile chap, first litters produced were 12 and 9, 11 gilts and 10 boars in total so seems nicely even, he’s very friendly not nasty even though one of the gilts gave it her best shot to get him to have a go back at her he just wandered off instead of fighting in a sulk [:)]

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    hi thanks for the interest,

    sounds great, this will be my first litter if it all goes well, ( am i right in asking for a patrick boar as my girls are bluebell family line? i dont want to get it wrong on the first go) Im new to the game.

    I’m originaly from derbyshire, cubley near ashbourne, where are you? we are currenlty just the other side of grantham on the A52, near sleaford, but comeover to derbyshire quite regularly to visit my family.[:)]

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    it doesn’t particularly matter which female line she’s from its what her father was that you need to know so check her pedigree. If her father was a patrick you may not want to put her to a patrick who might be related (though unlikely).
    If her dad was a Sambo for example it would be okay to put her to CarrHall’s boar.

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    bramblebee porkers

    we have a patric in Cambs near ely
    07800 884571

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    you can have a copy of my lad’s pedigree no probs at all lesley, just to confuse you even further my girls are from a sambo/princess ann mating…and the last litter they had was to a completely unrelated sambo boar! so don’t worry, it’s all relation dependent really, ignore the name, that’s what was told anyway when bought him, check out the relations instead, if there’s same names in there then they’re related, if they’re not then one sambo is totally differant to another, or a patrick/gerald/rufus – mustn’t leave one out! LOL [:D]

    we’re in between Belper and Ashbourne, you’re welcome to pop over and have a look at him if you want [:)]

    email on if you’re interested, I tend to check emails more than I read forums so will miss your replies…as have done here!! LOL [:D]

    ps/ did you buy your gilts from sylvia by any chance? [:D]

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    hi there all,

    thanks for you replies very helpful

    yes i did get them of Sylvia, lovely people.

    anyway will email you over the next few days to arrange a time to visit, i will be over inthe next 2 weeks.

    thanks all.

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    was wondering with where you are, we bought 4 gilts off sylvia and they’re the new girlfriends for our patrick boar when old enough if grow to spec [:D]

    small world! lol! [8D]

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    yes we are about 20 mins east of sylvia,

    is there a guide to how old they are before they are put to the board?? i was thinking 9- 12 months, am i right? or do i need to wait alittle longer. ?? would value anyones thoughts, they are not hogging as yet. i have only had exsperience with just the commercial breads.


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    yep that’d be about the right age I’d say dependent on the size of your girlies but our laddo is young so he’s not a huge hefty boy yet, he’s served our two smaller gilts nicely it seems 🙂

    email when you’re calling past and will give you my moby number so can arrange a meet up no probs 🙂

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    If you are still loking for a boar or if you need one for the future, we have a 9 month old Patrick boar. He is a very friendly chap and is keen to work, lovely markings.

    We are North Notts (between newark and worksop)

    please call if interested 07971294568

    thanks charlotte

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