For Sale, Wanted or to Hire For Sale Sambo Boar For Sale D.O.B 25.8.05

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    Sambo boar for sale.Registered nice natured chap. Has produced some lovely litters. Current litters can be viewed on the farm. Prior to living with us all of his produce was sent for pork and he was kept with a herd of unregistered stock. The only birth notified litters have been within my herd and as I try to only register good examples there are few registered pigs from his line. He is a good breeding boar, ideal for a new herd with 5 or more gilts/sows to keep him busy [;)].

    We have just purchased a Patrick boar as we are currently restocking our breedlines. Delivery may be possible.

    For more information please feel free to contact me or arrange to visit the farm

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    where are you based?

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    Hi, thank you to all that have enquired about Samson our boar. I think I need to give some more information as I have had lots of questions asking the same kind of thing so

    How old is he – He is 5 years old
    Are you selling him because he is no good – No! He is producing lovely litters of long, well marked pigs
    Is he friendly – Samson likes his back rubbed and comes to his name
    Is he registered – Yes fully registered
    Is he ringed – No none of my pigs are ringed
    Is he too big for gilts – Yes he is a fully grown boar
    How much is he – He is £150.00 to the right free range home only
    Can he be visited on the farm – yes no problem

    Should you require further information just let me know [:)]

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    Sorry the other question was where are you – North Cornwall but delivery may be possible as I travel up the M5 frequently

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