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    Hi I am looking for a young boar 8-12 months old, well grown and ready to work. Please call Sue on 07707 894793 or 01249 782454 in the evening.

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    hi whereabouts are you, we have a boar who needs a lady friend for a month :)

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    Hi, thank you for your reply but I forgot to say that I am actually looking to buy.

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    no problem, afraid we kept one well grown lad out of last litter but he’s only 6 months old so no good, it may help to get replies if you give your area if you haven’t got your transport licence to go further afield? [:)]

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    Hi Sue, we have an 8 month old boar ready to work, he is well handled and good natured. Dad is a Sambo and Mum is Star Antoinette. We are in North Cornwall, hope this is some help.
    Sharon [:)]

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    Hi Sharon thank you for replying to my ad. Please can you tell me some more about your boar. Is he registered and if so what is his ear number so I can check on his breeding lines. Do have any pictures? Has he been work yet or just ready now? Look forward to hearing from you – Sue

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    Hi Sue, he is birth notified so can be registered if he is what you are looking for. His date of birth is 20.07.09 and he was from a litter of 9 healthy piglets. His dad is Middlelanherne Sambo 188, mum is Waterpitdown Star Antoinette 27. He hasn’t worked yet but is ready. Will try and take some photos and send them to you tomorrow eve. If there’s any more info you would like please get back to me.

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    Hi Sue, I have emailed you re photos. Hope to hear back from you.

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