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    we’ve got pigs of course as you know and have been offered a gilt potentially who’s barren to keep our boar company which would be ideal for him, however we need to send off a pig for a hog roast mid april which if moved it on this weekend would put us under restriction?

    on DEFRA it’s a bit weird but it says on the rules and exemptions page ‘movements to slaughter’

    animals may move off premises direct to slaughterhouse, slaughter collecting centre, dedicated slaughter collection or dedicated slaughter market irrespective of whether livestock have moved onto those premises in the previous 6 days (or 20 days for any pig on a holding onto which other pigs have been moved).

    from what can read on that it means that irrespective of what bring on you can move them directly to slaughterhouse as that’s exempt from movement restrictions? which is what we’d be doing – it’d be direct to slaughter not to be sold elsewhere, so is that ok regardless of a pig coming on? would make it a lot easier as before FIL said he was sure the same applied to pigs as to his stock we were working our pigs around movements for going off to slaughter? [:0]

    *confused of derbyshire*



    You’re ok sending pigs direct to the abattoir even if pigs arrived on your premises on the same morning. The logic is that the authorities are concerned about disease spread, thus the requirement for a 20 day standstill once new pig(s) arrive on your premises. If they’re carrying a disease, it should be limited to your holding. If you’ve sent pigs to 20 other farms in the area during that period, potentially now it could be on 21 premises and if they’ve sent pigs on to other holdings… well you get the idea.

    Pigs going to slaughter don’t spread disease (as long as everyone abides by the requirement for cleaning out and disinfecting of vehicles) as they and all other pigs at the abattoir are killed on the day they arrive. Thus the exemption that pigs can be sent direct to slaughter during the standstill period.



    that’s great, thanks GOS, oh don’t worry, I duly go in and pressure wash the trailer, etc, I end up wetter than the trailer cos of the spray back!!! [:D]

    nice one, means can possibly sort something then [:)]

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