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    I have just started a new job 30 miles away and it may make getting some pigs this summer a bit difficult.

    One week I work earlies and the next week I work afters, For earlies I have to set off at 05:00 to get there for 05:45 to start at 06:00 and finish at 14:00 and get home for 15:30, On afters I have to set off at 12:45 to get there for 13:45 to start at 14:00 until 22:00 and get home about 23:00.

    I think this will prevent a regular feeding program and there isn’t anyone else who could feed them whilst I am at work.

    Any advice will be appreciated.




    Pigs do like a routine. Once used to a feeding time, they expect to be fed then and can make quite a din if you are late! I’m not sure there’s a solution for you if you can’t get someone to help you. The only alternative if you are buying weaners and growing to pork is to ad lib feed from a hopper but really you should only do this up to about 40kg l/w after which feed should be restricted otherwise you can end up with overfat carcases.



    Probably best to wait on getting pigs until your hours of work are more regular. I reckon you may end up finding them a chore instead of enjoying them??
    It doesnt matter what time of day you feed etc just as long as it is regular each day!



    I work shifts too as well as running a smallish GOS herd, a larger tamworth herd and a decent size number of hybrids, I feed them about 5 in the morning on earlies and again at about half 4 in the afternoon but give them extra on the morning feed and a bit less on an evening then my lates i start at 4 in the afternoon and finish at 2 in the morning si i feed at about 9 in the morning amnd again at 3ish giving them a bit more in the afternoon. it seems to work for us and we have had excellent results from our first 2 batches sent in!
    hope it helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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