For Sale, Wanted or to Hire For Hire our big Patrick boy looking for love soon

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    produces average of 10 piglets per litter, very quiet boy, not nasty or overly bossy but can stand his ground with a more ‘excitable’ sow, every girl he’s had to visit, including one that was supposed to be barren have fallen pregnant by him [8)] another that was supposed to be barren (ours to keep him company the whole reason we had her to not be in this predicament…*sigh*) is also very heavy bellied and suspect she’s pregnant now too [8)] so much for that plan [;)] so Jack is once again looking for some loving [;)]

    Patrick line, good strong show quality boar that passes on his superb stance and shoulders to his offspring, very friendly boy too, no malice in a bone of him, we take visiting sows only after hearing of a few boars who’ve met unfortunate ends off farm, girls can live out or in, we can cater to either for them, Jack does like to be out and if can we will keep him out, nice big paddock with a large ark more than capable of holding up to 6 full grown pigs easily [:)]

    I really should fill out the boars for hire form lol [:D]

    Derbyshire based, please call Ed on 07974 197820 for more details [:)]

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