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    bramblebee porkers

    We have here an extra boar at the moment
    There is a choice of 2
    I have a young Sambo boar just started work, no gilts showing signs of coming in season, and has left his first litter of very nice pigs
    He is 13mths old
    Easy to load and unload,used to electric,freindly,Registered
    R005984GS ear no DPL/41

    Or the second is a Patrick boar 9mths old,has just started work, has served his first gilt she has not returned
    Very nice marked boar,very freindly, used to electric,Registered

    Both are very nice pigs,only thinking of selling as have brought a new boar on,so now have 6 boars all old anouth for work

    Contact Paul Day on 01945 772921
    Based Cambs PE14

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    bramblebee porkers

    Sambo boar now sold
    Thank you

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