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    copied from tamworth breeders forum
    The Welfare in Transport (VVlT) team, part of the government’s Animal Health Department, is now centralised in Carlisle. Responsible for enforcing the current rules for transportation of animals throughout the UK, they have declared that the transportation legislation does not apply in any form whatsoever so long as there are no more than 4 animals being transported at one time, and so long as there are as many people in the vehicle as there are animals in the lorry or trailer.

    That’s right, total exemption.

    They say ‘lf you are transporting one animal one person (up to a total of 4) then you are exempt from the regulations therefore you don’t require a type 1 or a type 2 certificate of competence, journey log or vehicle approval.’
    However they have not promoted this exemption, which could be so important to producers of rare breed animals selling breeding stock to purchasers over 65km away: a single animal exemption was mentioned buried in the 53-page booklet of general guidance on the regulations but even that exemption was and is still omitted completely from current species specific booklets like Welfare of Animals during transport – Advice for transporters of pigs’.

    The WIT team says ‘The current version of the ‘Welfare of Animals During Transport Main Guidance’ document makes no mention of the 4 animal limit, however, we are working on a revised version which is likely to be published imminently at which time this document will be updated on the website …. The (other) publications that you refer to were produced by Defra and are outwith Animal HeaIth’s ability to revise. However, l have passed your comments on to Animal Welfare team within Defra.’
    Please see the Berkshire Pig Breeders Website for the full details.



    Well done David
    At last someone with some commonsense.
    This subject cause more knicker twisting [}:)]than any other and its my belief that it was brought in to curb the excesses of some commercial producers. WIT & DEFRA really aren’t interested in you taking 2 pigs to the abbattoir once or twice a year provided that is you do it correctly, they’re after the big boys who are cramming 20 or 30 ewes or pigs into an 8×6 trailer and carting them the length and breadth of the country. It would be great if for once common sense could prevail and people would just use their brains, take a step back and think about what they actually do. Is it a business for economic gain – YES then get the correct paperwork/licences. If its a hobby where you go to the abattoir once or twice a year and collect the odd piglet? Then I would seriously leave well alone and continue quietly as you are using the exemption David mentions above.[;)]
    And just a quick question? Has anyone been asked to produce their transporting/competency cert? and if so who to?
    WE take ours on every trip we make and most of the time it takes all our efforts to get anybody to look at any paperwork of any kind!!!



    I ve been asked for my number at Cheal Meats essex by a trading standards officer

    I think a lot of knickers could be unknotted if members take the plunge and pass the test

    You can rest assured that its not hard

    I ve spent 60 years failling all sorts of test and exams but managed to pass this one with 100% pass mark


    stephen booth

    The Royal Berkshire Show (Newbury) asks you for the plastic picture card on the entry gate to the showground

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