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    I have a pair of 4 year old Star Sows who have been 100% healthy & produced some great weaners, free range and farrowed outdoors for their whole lives. Never called the vet out for these 3! Just worm them 6 monthly with an oral wormer.

    Great looking Gloucesters and along with our 5 year old Rufus Boar they just get on with eachother and produce.
    Most of the weaners historically have not been birth notified as we sold meat direct and only home produced, but thier records are pretty good.

    Pedigrees can be seen on the BPA website

    We are selling our breeders and taking a break to concentrate on raising a few different breeds from weaners for our own freezer for a year or two.

    Really want to sell these 3 to a single breeder. I am completely open to offers, One is currently 6-8 weeks since weaning her last litter, and has not gone back to the boar yet, the other farrowed 24th September.
    Ready to go when current litter weaned or will sell mother with weaners.

    Best to phone the landline 01763 209174 or email

    Also selling a number of our Weaners, and to be honest I have too many pig arks, so anyone interested in 8×8 corrugated arks with ply ends and no floor give me a call


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    No interest shown so I will be booking the Boar & 2 Sows into Cheales Meats in the next week or two.



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    have you tried selling them on that is usually quite successful, I hope you find homes for them, sadly you are about 160 miles from me!

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