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    Hi all!just about to fence a plot of land for some gos so the question is electric fencing or post raail and netting?????
    Thanks Matt


    High Green Farm

    Our belt and braces approach is to post and rail with wire, and then a line of electric fencing six inches off the ground on 6 inch insulators… escapes yet!

    James Tucker
    High Green Farm


    bramblebee porkers

    we only use 1 strand of wire when they are used to it i have no problems with gos
    but i am fully fenced around the whole farm
    so if they were to get out no problems
    usaly if they have all they need you get no problems
    and at the moment i have not had a fence on for about 3 weeks
    and keep 15 well grown gilts and sows and a boars out side in 4 pens
    and not a prob

    suits me as i can move pens quickly
    but if the pen is to stay there a good fence will be fine but also use electric as they may reck the fence in time

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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