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    If anyone is considering purchasing new pig arks, stay well away from a company trading on the web as Golden River Manufacturing.

    I ordered two arks back in November and foolishy paid for them in advance with a promise of delivery within 10 days.

    One month later and I have no arks, no refund and not much prospect of seeing either.[:(!][:(!]

    Simon Beech

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    Appologies for posting this on the ‘for sale’ forum but it seems to be the most frequently used forum and will hopefully be seen by more members.

    Simon Beech

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    Simon you are not alone! We sell pig arks and they are our major competitor. I get lots of calls from people that have had the same experience as you from them. It is a fact of life that you can’t always deliver promises due to varying circumstances but they seem to let a lot of people down and don’t even stay in contact to let them know what is happening. All I can say is go to trading standards because someone needs to do something about them. You are covered buy the distance selling act so there should be no problem getting your money back. Let me know if we can help!

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    Thank’s for the Info. I have already threatened them with Trading Standards.

    The annoying thing is, I usually manufacture my own arks but I needed two in a hurry for an emergency and I thought less than 10 days to delivery would be the quicker option.

    Their fancy web site promises 10 day delivery and excellent standards of customer care. Even a ‘full refund’ if they fail to meet your expectations.

    I appreciate the offer to help and will let you know what the outcome is.



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    Arks were delivered on Saturday morning.
    I have to say that they are of a good standard for the money.

    Very dissapointed with the extremely late delivery and general lack of customer care.

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    I would wholeheartedly agree with Long Meadow Farm.
    There is a strong chance you will have a long delay in receiving your arc,I had to wait two months. They will not reply to your messages and will constantly lie to you.
    They are not a pig keepers’ friend

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