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    Pepper, born on 20th May 2008 so a just over 2 1/2 coming up to 3 year old girl, she’s had a couple of litters now and is a proven mum, very easy to keep. Paddock Princess Joan 163 and reg no R004951GS we are based near Belper in Derbyshire, Pepper always births a high number and rears them without problem, last time she farrowed 14 and raised 13, same boar so who knows! [:D]

    Her piglets are always well grown, spotty and friendly just like their dam, pepper is easy to keep, her one fault if you can call it that I guess is that she had the bottom of her ear torn when another sow got in a nark and had a go, Pepper tried to stay out of it but she got caught and it ripped it, it’s not the full ear just the bottom bit of it, I’d say an inch at biggest part and it doesn’t bother her at all.

    She’s been covered again by our chap Theoak Patrick 125 and should be due to farrow at beginning of March time, we saw her getting covered on 2nd November, if he didn’t get her first time he will have the 2nd, she’s not a girl that doesn’t tend to catch, she’s normally bang on, a very easy breeder! [:)]

    It’s a sad sale but we’re reducing numbers down, her piglets will be eligible to be bn’d and registered.


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    picture of Pepper with some of the last litter.

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    delivery could be arranged at cost [:)]

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    sold [:)]

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