For Sale, Wanted or to Hire Wanted Can anyone help – PLEASE

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      Having been let down twice over the past few months over potential purchases of sow or gilt and left feeling desperately upset and disappointed by the whole process, I am still looking for a sow or gilt (ready for breeding) in ANY line except Princess Joan. We are on the Carms/Pembs border.
      Many thanks for reading this post, and also thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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        I have a Countess ready for the boar. Not sure if we are too far from you?

        My BPA ID is SZW if you would like her details.

        Our Postcode is EX39 5RF.


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          you were too far from us I think when offered our Bluebell, if am remembering rightly then am sorry, if we could take the time to deliver we’d have been happy to but we’re like you, chained to the farm and animals so an overnighter is out of the picture for us! [:)]

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            CarrHall – many many thanks for responding again and yep, still in the same situation, and can fully understand. Such a shame isn’t it – I keep re-checking the distance, but just impossible. Thanks so much again, you’re very kind.

            fordmill – bless you and thank you for your offer but again, looking at the jolly old google map, its gonna be too far to get there and back with a trailer in one day – due to having stock to feed up and milk morning and eve. Thank you too for your kind offer.

            Around Gloucester/Bristol area (or thereabouts) is probably about as far as we could travel. I missed the show and sale thinking I had an animal sorted,[:(!] but there we are.

            Thanks again fordhill and CarrHall – appreciate your replies.

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              How far are you from Builth Wells Blinkers? Lets see if we can help you out here.

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                Hi Morvana – Its about 70 miles and generally takes us about 1hr 45mins, but with a trailer, we generally have to allow 1/2 as much time again (especially through the mountains) probably about 3 hours ‘ish. What did you have in mind [:)][:I] (keeping fingers crossed here)

                Thanks in advance for any ideas you can come up with [;)]

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                  i was just thinking we might go for a jolly to fayre oaks sale at builth wells think its 24th of september. i would come down the back roads rather than the motorway. so if you want to buy something up the country i could possibly bring down for you.
                  have you seen owt you want.

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                    give me a ring i just had a thought. 07963 002349

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                      Oh Morvanna – sounds very intriguing [:D] and will give you a call tomorrow (Tuesday). Had a manic day here today….and not over yet [:D].

                      Many thanks again for your help – Look forward to talking to you.


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                        Morvanna the Magnificent has come to the rescue and looks very much like my new sow will be with us very soon [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]

                        Thanks ever so Morvanna.

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                          So far so good Blinkers, also do a nice line in cocker spaniel pups and very nice coloured gelding too. Oh and worms x lol x

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                            Good job you didn’t say Border Collie pupps [:p][:p]

                            ….and as for horses…..4 here doing naff all at the moment [:D]

                            Be in touch again very soon to confirm final arrangements.


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                              lol nice one, you wanna swap gelding for a nice 10 year old section B mare pmsl [;)]

                              just kidding, can’t let the old bat go really [:D]

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                                Lol Carrhall but he would make a nice friend for her hes lovely. You can part ex some porkers if you want. lol.

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                                  I can soon find you a border collie pup Blinkers if you like just let me know, there are a few breeders round me.

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