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    By now you should have all received notice of this and if like the rest of us you are now completely bewildered follow the thread on accidental smallholders pig forum. The information has been sent out by BPEX but for the majority of us BPEX actually means very little and it is the BPA who are alledgedly diseminating information to rare breed owners but apart from a short paragraph in a recent BPA news we have had no information whatsoever (well theres a surprise!!!)
    I sold some pigs on the 1st October, i filled in the paper AML as usual and told the receiving people to send the top copy to stoneleigh not TS at Northallerton as we usualy do (Spoke to TS on Friday and this action was confirmed, i ca’t repeat the comment made about it all by the TS lady)suffice to say i think we’re in for six months of hell as stoneleigh get inundated with paper AML’s for non slaughter movements. There goes that cart and horse again…………!



    Just to add to this
    If you go to the BPA website there is a paragraph on electronic movements and it says they will be holding regional meetings over the next six months to introduce these new services, there will also be something in practical pig magazine. Would have been nice if had been in the last edition before this all actually kicked off.



    not even had any notification of any description through, the only thing about electronic movements we’ve been told is that can use them to take the pigs to slaughter and that they will eventually move over to doing this (so what do folks do who don’t have a computer then, many don’t!!) but we don’t have to use them!

    So based on this I sent recent forms to the TS office as per the norm, until they tell us otherwise not sure at all on the entire thing, as say, the electronic one isn’t compulsory for us…yet, or so it says, probably is!

    BPA….no comment [;)][:D]

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