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    Hi, we’re looking for a breed registered boar up to 6 months old. We are in dorset and would pay for deleivery, if anyone could help that would be great, our six gilts are star antionette/Gerald. Thanks [:)]

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    Hi we have a rufus boy born 29/5/2011 but we may be a bit far away we are in lincolnshire thanx Vikki

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    we have a loverly birth notified Rufus boar 2/5/11 to good for meat, out of a Princess Joan sow, growing well, good underline 14 even teats, loverly and friendly, very spotty! West Wales probably too far though? email if you want photos or more info or phone 07703 202212
    Blue Merle

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    Hi, if i could have both the postcodes i could check the distance and how long transportation would be? Thanks :)

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    Our post code is SA48 7PG.

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    4 hours and 40 minutes, i’ll have to look into the cost of hiring a trailer and getting someone to drive it, would we be able to have some pictures, my email is :) Thanks

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    pics and e.mail sent, let me know if you havent got it?

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    Hi our postcode is LN11 0QE thanx

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