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    I have started using this system from my mobile phone its great and can recommend it to anyone so much easier



    Would agree that for slaughter movemnets it is very efficient, but anythingelse don’t hold your breath.




    The new system will be compulsory from April, so would recommend you start using it now, as otherwise we will have a system with lots of silly bugs in it, as we won’t have found them. The big boys do set moves to the same places mainly, so they won’t find the funnies in the system.

    The new system should work well for those with PC’s and printers on site.

    For those with pigs away from their home, it’s fine for a pre-arranged purchase. But for someone who just wants to come and look and you don’t know if they are buying, you’ll need to get their name, address inc postcode, CPH, and telephone number, guess how many pigs they might be taking, and create a move all before they come – makes you sound like the gestapo !. And then if they buy alter the no. pigs to the correct ones, and if they don’t cancel the movement. For prospective buyers who haven’t got a herdmark ie first timers, then you’ll need to explain how the systems works when you get round to understanding it – the number of possible move variations is currently 15 on my count and makes explaining sheep tagging look easy. then you either get them to pre-register or create their holding for them, which then can lead to holding mismatches.

    If you don’t have a PC (in other words those that are not reading this!) then in reality you have to give two working days notice, and await forms. It is these guys who are in for a shock in April, as so far all they have had is the two page letter saying something is coming, but will be better that no doubt they have thrown away. Hopefully a fresh how to use the new process guide (takes me 5 pages to explain!) will go out. But net result is that you have to know on Wednesday that someone is going to ring up on Saturday in response to your weaner ad if they want to come on Sunday. So you have to be a clairvoyant or lose the sale to an on-line user.

    I currently have 24 os queries with BPEX, and apart from abattoir that I have been doing for a while I have only done one live to live transfer, so have not really played with the system properly.


    stephen booth

    The BPA will have an article in the next issue of Practical Pigs and will go live from their website soon after

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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