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    Primrose/Patrick line, very well grown weaners, healthy, active litter of 8! mum wormed before farrowing and weaners will be wormed before leave, 5 boars remaining in litter, £40 each [:)]

    this picture of them is at 3 days old, the mum’s a nice sized girl [:)]

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    They look cracking [:D]


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    done well hasn’t she for a first time mum, had 8 and so far rearing 8, really careful, checks everywhere before lays down, she’s one of the milkiest sows I’ve ever seen, probably explains why they’re growing like trains, course they have Bob’s good looks too [;)]

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    still here, also 3 gilts available, meat only, nothing wrong with them as you can see in the pic size wise, their only down is only having 13 teats, we were going to rear them on for bacon but wanting to cut pigs down [:)]

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    5 boars still available, growing extremely well, huge boys, very friendly and easy going [:)]

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    3 boars now left [:)]

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    sold, thanks for enquiries [:)]

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