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    5 gilts 2 boars ready now can notify the gilts. Boars been casatrated so cant notify them.£40 for meat piglets breading piglets £50
    If intreasted call Kate on 01934 824236

    or 07766 713684

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    You can actually notify castrated boars as you can and should notify all pigs born and reared.(for traceability) What you cannot do is register any pig which does not come up to breed standard. There would obviously not be any point in reg. a castrated boar, but not sure that you couldn’t if you wanted to!

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    Need to sell now

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    why are you castrating the boars? I thought it was illegal???

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    It is not illegal to castrate boars within the limits set by Defra

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    oh I was told by a commercial pig farmer who fattens 2500 pigs that it is illegal. I don’t understand why you would bother doing it to them when it is not neccessary? What are the reasons for doing it?

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