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    I’ve been using the bpex website for the FCI for a long time now, but I’ve now registered to use as BPA member so that the ID details can be input and meat certificates printed.

    So, my first time using this and I’ve located the pigs IDs….but the dates of birth are incorrect.

    All the registered pigs DOBs seem to be OK, it’s just the birth notified ones that seem to be wrong. (The DOB’s are correct on the BPA website under Birth Notified Pigs).

    Anyone else found this?



    Still waiting to hear from the BPA [:(!]



    If you sent an e-mail they all go to Marcus who will do one of two things, pass it on to the breed reps or ignore it![:(!] The best thing to do on pedigree matters is to ring and speak to one of the girls, if you get no joy there ring BPEX and see why on their system the dates are wrong its probably a computer glitch in the data transfer, if they’ve used a US data base they date things differently to us eg 9/11 is 11th sept not 9th Nov etc. Also let Oaklands pigs know your trauma Robin is unoficial chief correlator of all Eaml problems.



    Many thanks Mandy [:)]

    BPEX don’t want to know because it is the BPA side of things, and no joy from Marcus.

    Will give the office a call and see what they say.

    I ended up just completing the BPEX side of the form and leaving the BPA bit. I then did the usual ‘print meat certificates’ on the BPA website.



    Just had an email from Marcus.

    It has been passed onto the IT suppliers and they are looking into it.

    He also got back to me with another query I had about my advert for the Practical Pigs magazine, which didn’t appear in the last issue.

    He apologised and it will appear in the next issue.



    Thats because he reads this forum, marvellous the power it has[:D]



    Thank you Mandy. [:)][:)][:)][:)]



    only on some things eh Mandy, seems to pick and choose what he answers as we all know from experience this year….. [;)]



    Am still working with (civil service speak for hounding!)BPEX and Defra to get the eaml site clearer and more accurate. Some progress made, but more to go.

    I fear that the new system will still be worse than current for those without PC’s on site, and even worse for those without PC’s at all with the latter in some cases 4 days notice needed before a move.

    Some will find it easier, but I suspect not many in the smallholder world.

    The real risk is that with no current effective chase up process for sender and receiver confirmations – feedback” (aaggghhhh!) as bpex call it !- some moves will not be uploaded to AMLS (the central system used in disease outbreak), so we will end up with a flawed system, and on a disease outbreak the need for the “Tracings and Dangerous Contacts Team” in Defra to start trawling through pending and sent records in the BPEX system for os moves, a distinct step backwards !

    I plan to put suggest amendments to the PRIMO legislation to get a better process both for those without PC’s and to improve upload accuracy and speed. I don’t expect success, but unless you try…



    I have also found wrong dates of birth when completing an eAML2. They do not match the dates of birth in my member area on the BPA site. Did you have an outcome from Marcus on this?




    took a pig this monday, abbatoir said as yet they’ve not had two of these that look the same….that bodes well doesn’t it!!

    that’s without the movement site crashing numerous times meaning it duplicated the movement too…there is no option to cancel one like they said there would be, you have to get in touch with them to cancel it meaning even more faffing about, so if you pre-book a movement for the weekend you have to phone to cancel the movement if it doesn’t happen?!

    it’s far more trouble IMO than standard paper one’s so far, not a fan at all, bring back paper movements!



    I had an email from Marcus back in December saying he had passed it on – but I have heard nothing since.

    Has anyone else?



    What I don’t understand is HOW can we set up a movement from the site when we have no electric, computer or printer down there?
    I don’t live where the pigs are, have had people come to buy one breed of pig (I have approx 10 different breeds) & have decided to buy/take another breed.
    I have also had people ‘come to look’, turning up with a trailer, taking them there & then.
    I can see me loosing out on alot of sales now that I won’t be able to let them take them until I have been home (wasting diesel), accessed the web site (IF it hasn’t crashed again) to print off the movement form that they have to travel with.
    I totally agree with CarrHall – BRING BACK PAPER MOVEMENTS!



    You are not alone!

    Even for us with a computer on site I will need to write down the buyers details, take off my wellies, come indoors to the PC, logon, fill in the details, print the form come back out and put wellies back on, then when they have gone, I go back in and confirm the move. and BPEX claim this will save time!! At the momement clipboard and biro job done!

    Quite why we needed to move from a post move advice to a pre move one is completely beyond me. The “rationale” offered is that trading standards were taking up to 15 days to input the forms, making the purpose of them rather er purposeless, as the system would not be up to date enough in a crisis to be useable. Fair enough theer is a problem!

    But rather than an on-line version of post notify a move to pre-notify is incomphrehensible. Defra and BPEX say that the new system will involve some changes to “working practices”. I think they will be in for a surprise in April when this hits at quite what the feeling on many smallholders will be to these changes in working practices.

    Why the BPA and NPA supported this change God knows, discussions went on over several months, so either they don’t know what happens out in the real world or they don’t care. And these are the two groups that defend us against this sort of stupidity ! The BPA says it is the voice of the small scale pig keeper.

    A quite simple fix would have been to keep the present form, and let the receiver either enter the details on-line or post the form at their option. At a 36p saving second class, I think many/most of us would opt for keying it in ourselves rather than send it in the post. Even with the new system, they are expecting 15% of moves to be by phone, which means that as long as 85% of us went on-line afterwards that would have all the savings.

    If you wanted to get rid of the forms, you could have the option of the pre-notify, but otherwise let people use a pro-forma if they wanted to and then key it on-line within 3 days.

    Lots of different ways it could have been done, but instead we have this buggers muddle, that will lead to people “time-shifting” moves (moving and then creating a move on a subsequent day), which I abhor, and will lead to moves not being in the system when a disease hits, with implications for all of us.

    I can only suggest that those who don’t find the new syetem “time-saving” email the BPA, the NPA and BPEX with how it is/will affect them. I can’t see anyone changing the pre-notify aspect, but we might get some better processes for those without computers on site.



    Having just received the schedule for Devon show, I have details of what show movements will be like.
    I have also seen that Orange charge up to 76p per minute for a call to the ‘free to use !’ 0844 number used by the bureau so there is NO WAY I’ll ever call that number. I recommend their 0247 647 8620 number and they can like it or lump it!
    But the guidance notes say I have to set up the OFF and the ON movement before I leave for the show, and confirm ‘when back home within 3 days’. That sounds OK but the Haulier Summary example says ‘You must confirm within 24 hours’ which is not possible if say I didn’t take my mobile OR I refuse to be charged 76p per minute. For non-pc owners this has to be done early enough for the Haulier sheet to be posted to them, so they are advised to allow 4 days.

    Then there is the complication of sales, purchases or swops at the show, we are advised to take blank haulier summaries in case pigs are sold at the show, and enter these details when back home. Sounds OK. This will apparently need to have the same movement reference as my own return home movement. So if I buy a pig I have a blank form off the seller, with his return home reference.

    But the complication of isolation units where return from show does not invoke a 3 week shut down is not mentioned.
    Also, at a show a trailer does not need to be cleansed (this was accepted practice last year).

    The eAML2 system crashed on me last time I used it, error message ??? so I had to revert to the paper method. I have to say there is loads of terminology on the eAML2 site that is obviously intended for big commercial operations, I don’t understand some of the phrases and I’m quite literate and know a bit about pigs. But the lady contact I know said that BPA had input into making the eAML2 system clear? I don’t think they did a good job and I don’t relish having to use it again.

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