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    thanks, would be worth emailing eaml with the details, the more who complain about it not working, the more likely they will fix it !



    I sent them an email on Friday night telling them EXACTLY what I thought of the system! [:D]
    For the 2nd time in a week, I have had to again print off the same letter to a different buyer – who again was down on the system, but this time, it didn’t bring up the destination when I put in the CPH & the herd number.
    I had all the details so I went to ‘register’ the destination with it then telling me the destination was already registered. It must of taken me near enough 1hr just to set up a movement.
    This was on the Thursday night (around 8ish) as they were coming to collect Friday morning.
    9pm(ish possibly abit later) Friday night I log on to ‘complete/confirm the movement’ to be greeted with it telling me that I was over the 24hrs. I did not realise the time 24hrs started when you actually set up the movement on the system, even though the proposed movement date was for the Friday.
    I then received a phone call from the people who bought the sow asking me HOW to confirm the movement from their end.
    After another 20mins of trying to talk them through the site (at that time it was past 10pm) I told them to send an email to eaml asking them HOW to do it & all the details of the pig in question.
    They had already spent 15mins on the phone to whoever they were told to ring on the letter I had to give them again & they are NOT happy that they will HAVE to phone again on Monday.
    I refuse to send a text message or phone the movements in as WHY should I pay even more just to move a pig……but thats probably me just being tight![;)]



    The receiver within 3 days IS legally required!! However the you confirming (ie confirming that you have sent) has no legal basis, it was just made up by Defra. The original idea in the consulation was an informal process to let you change details (such as no. pigs sent) IF this changed rather than having to cancel and start again. You do not need to confirm as sender – oh sorry “submit feedback” – if there were no changes. Firstly it was 24 hours, then suddenly it has become same day, and it went from “please submit” to “you must”. Animal Health have confirmed to me that “The OFF confirmation will still be requested as part of the process, although as not stipulated in PRIMO will not be sanctioned” I am still trying to get them to state this simply on the site or at best change back from “you must” as they have no authority to demand this, and I see no reason to confirm a move that I have already said I will do. If I don’t do the move then I will cancel, and if I change I will “submit feedback”, but if it goes ahead, why do I have to log on again.

    As for searches, you’ll find that you may need to search several ways eg try combination of herdmark, holding no. postcode and address. The search function is ropey to say the least, and I still haven’t worked out the 2 full proof bits of info and in which order that will find a site. Like you I have done searches with no matches, only to be told that the site exists when I try and create.



    Just done a farm to farm this morning and agree search fcility is naff why 2 pieces of info, i’m at work so don’t have my pig files with me for data so have had to do it by two letters from herdmark which i know are same as mine and postcode again only because i know area as local to me.
    The other thing i don’t like is the boxes marked slapmark & lot no, it always puts my herd number in slapmark and thats not alway true as often i’m returning sows that aren’t mine! and lot number surely should read ear number! or am i being too picky. Also one of the question is an either or one (about id & lots)and you get to answer yes or no??? surely it should be a choice of lot number or individual id number.
    I hate this one size fits all coz it bloody well doesn’t![}:)][:(]
    i really am dreading the show season when we start to move from isolation units within our cph’s.
    Oaklands do you know if we will have to set up a separate movemnet account for isolation units or is there provsion on the show movement sheets to put in your Iso number so they don’t put your whole holding on stop.



    I set up a farm to farm movement last week, for a weaner sale on Sunday. The move didn’t take place, so I went online to cancel it. I pressed ‘cancel movement’, and it came up with another window asking if I was sure I wanted to cancel it….I pressed yes…..Then nothing happened, and the movement was still in my archive.

    So I called yesterday and they couldn’t tell me why it hadn’t cancelled….and said they hadn’t come across it before…..but cancelled from their end while I was on the phone.

    She said I would probably have to call again if I wanted to cancel another movement in the future. Anyone else come across this before?



    Mandy, I am also dreading the show season………I know I don’t get to many, but I am starting to wonder if it will just be worth the stress to even attempt to ‘get more into showing’, if you know what I mean.
    I am also starting to wonder if it is actually worth trying to help the rare breeds after all as I don’t have the time (or the patience) to sit for ages at the computer, just to try & set up a movement to another farm.
    I must say, this system is FANTASTIC for any of the pigs going to the abbotoir/market as those are quite easy to find on the list & love the fact that the FCI is included on the form too.
    I am actually seriously debating if I am going to carry on selling stock privately & whether any of my boars will be still available for stud duties, or just to finish all the piglets myself & just use the market/abbotoir. If I decide to do the latter though, I’d might as well sell up & get nothing but commercial pigs.
    The few moves I have done farm to farm have caused me ALOT of un-nessesary stress & wasted alot of time that I just don’t have to waste.
    I really don’t know if taking them to shows will cause me as much stress until I do it, but if just a movement from farm to farm is anything to go by, I don’t really know if I want to find out.
    I am know at a total loss of what to do for the best. [8)]




    Please don’t give up showing,I am pushing for the system to improve, but dealing with defra takes time, every exchange takes two weeks – (I could play chess faster!) and it will get better as otherwise the phone lines will get overloaded !

    As for isolation, no there are no special procedures, and yes I have an outstanding with Defra to ask that we don’t all start getting threatening letters for moving within 21 days. Reply awaited !

    I will submit sows moving for breeding to my next set of queries to Defra.

    Finally, please all who find this new system annoying, let the BPA know. I know Marcus rarely replies, but without emails to him everyone will just think the new syetem is fine.



    I sent Marcus an email letting him know my concerns over this whole system………it didn’t get me very far – but I did end up getting 2 blank forms sent from the BPA for when I have a move when I don’t have the use of the PC. That made me laugh really…..2 blank forms! I was expecting quite a few of them when I was told they could send me some. [:D]
    What is the use of having blank forms anyway when you still can’t move the pigs off the place until you have already registered the move online & have a refrance number? Might as well just print off the completed form as what is the use of the blank ones?
    I did ask (as he did phone me after a couple of emails) if we could ‘hand write’ the blank forms if/when people come to ‘look’ decide to take on the same day rather than another journey & log it onto the site asap the same day the pig/s were moved, but we can’t even do that.
    I don’t want to give up my pigs or on the showing either, even though I don’t get too many shows, so keep pushing them to get the site more user friendly.
    It is actually ‘the old boys’ that I feel for……..half of them can’t even work never mind own a mobile phone! How arethey going to manage?



    The blank forms are only of use IF you are on-line and your printer breaks down’runs out of ink. IF you have done the move on-line you are allowed to handwrite on the pro-forma. Since your printer will always break down when you most need it, it is well worth having blanks for abattoir and farm-to-farm printed just in case, you can get these on the e-aml site under “help and user guides”.

    For the “old boys”, yes it will simply mean that they deliberately or not move outside the system, either not reporting moves, or time shifting (moving the pigs one day, and then doing the move on-line with a later date), both of which are not good for any of us should an outbreak oocur. Far from inproving reporting of moves the new system actually makes it worse.



    I have to agree with you there Oaklands……..I do think that there will be alot more moves that will take place without being logged……..which eventually will backfire on the people who use the system right & work within the guidelines as it will be those herds that will be first looked at in the event of a disease outbreak.
    It really does need to become alot more ‘user friendly’, I know its early days, fingers crossed it is sorted soon.



    The “this answer is complete” bit is just weird – This has to be the only system I have ever come across where fill in a box to answer a question and then fill in another box to say that you have filled in the first box – why???



    Another anomally that i don’t like is the departing holding has to confirm that the move has happened, why we never had to before it was up to the receiving end to report now we both have to therby duplictaing effort.
    Also perusing the AML site today i was curious about some of the headers used
    eg. “Report inbound movement” well you would think this was for stock coming to you but no if you pull it up its for importers bringing stock in by the ports so shouldn’t it say Report Imported stock movement [?]
    eg “Other movement services” (other than what??)there is a header “set up movement” curious i thought this is already in the list above well this is apparently where you do show moves, vet, AI etc moves not that i would have known. I would have just tried to use the first one.
    Agree with all before a lot of teething problems that really should have been ironed out by now considering this goes completely “live” in 9 days time[?]



    Anomoly to your anomoly is that the departing holding doesn’t have to confirm by law, this is voluntary – the use of the word “must” is entirely misleading – Defra have admitted this, but am trying to get the site to at least be honest adn say this!



    & the fun starts again!
    Set up a movement last Wed then the weather turned so they couldn’t get. Cancellled it & set it up for the following day, went back on to ‘confirm’ & the cancelled movement was still there. Cancelled it again, & again & again…….its still there to my knowlage…..I emailed them telling them to cancel it as I refuse to phone.
    My brother could not understand why I was complaining so much to him about the site as he has only done market & abbatoir moves……..until today!
    3 hours it has taken him to set up 1 move!
    1st the destination wasn’t registered then he tried to register & he couldn’t because it was already…….BUT it still wouldn’t let him set the movement up.
    He got there eventually, after pestering me quite a few times. [:D]
    He has just been back on the phone to me again as he couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t confirm the move by text, like he has done after every move hes done, to tell me he has just had to ‘provide feedback’ on moves that he made in 2011!
    He is not a happy bunny & can actually see why I have been complaining like I have.[;)]



    Tried to set up 2 movements one evening and got as far as the Print Haulier Summary bit to find only the top of the page was printed for one and a blank form came up on the print screen for the second. When I phoned the helpline the next day I was told they could see both movements even if I couldn’t!

    As an aside I commented that my difficulties with eAML2 hadn’t given me a nice warm feeling about the proposal to put sheep movements online. The lady at the other end hooted with laughter – you have been warned!

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