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    Well, I am about at the end of my tether with this now!!! Commercial pigs straight to the abbotoir is looking more & more tempting now!
    WHY do EAML2 insist they need the desitination details before the farm to farm move?
    I am supposed to be delivering a boar tomorrow for my brother & the people who want him have missed off a number from their CPH. This means I can’t set up the move even though I have their full name & address. 2.5hrs it will take me to drive there, I now can’t even set off until they get in touch with their CPH.
    I’m going to be bald soon with all the hair I’ve pulled out over this system already!



    tell me again….why did the bother messing with a system that worked perfectly well before, all I see is lots of illegal movements happening in the future, ridiculous!

    we were told you can still ‘use up’ your paper forms, seems the front end doesn’t know what the backside is doing on this matter….what a surprise that is [;)]

    contrary to what they seem to think I have a life which neither the BPA or DEFRA seem to be able to comprehend, I can’t sit at the PC for hours trying to log movements! [:(]

    people are going to give up on the whole idea of rearing a pig for meat, on top of the BPA costs we’ve now got people saying they’re too wary of the new electronic movements and it’s not worth the bother and cost for one or two pigs when add on the cost of feed/straw too [:(]

    If they don’t want a pig industry in this country why don’t they just say so, force us to export them all and leave it alone, very very disillusioned with the whole pig game, we’ve got cows and sheep alongside them, they’re looking far more easy at the minute, in fact they’re a doddle in comparison on all counts! [:(]

    such a shame really, as above posts have said it’s also going to hit showing too! course they’ll never admit they’re wrong and pull back to the old way, we’ve learnt that one in the past! [;)]

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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