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    We had plans of continuing our pork sales and to include in-house breeding. Circumstances have changed and we have decided to focus on other areas of our business instead and have thus decided to sell our small herd of Gloucester Old Spot pigs.

    Vallota Bluebell 5 Sow (DoB 12/07/2009) R005697GS
    (Sire Alsa Gerald 847, Dam Woodview Bluebell 9) – She has a good temperament and clearly a good mother given her last litter (which we brought with her).

    Littleowls Star Antoinette 36 Sow (DoB 01/04/2010) R007494GS
    (Sire Alsa Sambo 1059, Dam Dockenbush Star Antoinette 3)
    Superb mother having just weaned all 10 from her last lot.

    Foston Ellen 100 (DoB 19/02/2010) Sow R006059GS
    (Sire Fost gerald 28, Dam Foston Ellen 88)
    She is a big girl and had just two with her first litter. She has been with the Gerald boar but I am not convinced he was big enough to serve her. Nice personality and she doesn’t try to knock your feet from under you!.

    Westmoor Ellen 100 (DoB 04/05/2011) Gilt R007259GS.
    (Sire Littleowls Gerald 5, Dam Foston Ellen 100)
    A great pig and the offspring to the Foston Ellen 100 above.

    Littleowls Gerald 120 (DoB 04/01/2011) Boar R007235GS.
    (Sire Littleowls Gerald 1, Dam Middlelanherne Princess Freda 271)
    To be honest I will miss this boy when he goes. He has a great personality and is easy to walk between enclosures. Sadly he is so far unproven but thats probably because he has been with our Foston Ellen Sow who is a bit bigger than him and was a little rough with the poor chap!

    We would prefer to sell all together but will consider a split. We can email photographs if required or you are welcome to view (Ely, Cambridgeshire). Sensible offers please.

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    Now all sold – thanks to all those who enquired, looked and offered to buy.

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