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    Hello, wonder if any one can help? I am looking to purchase some sows and gilts ideally in pig. I would prefer if the where in the red or black bloodline group but may consider other if it is the right pig! Would need to be around 40 miles from Bath. i look forward to hearing from anyone who can help

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    Hi, We have two Star Antoinette/ Gerald 9 months old gilts for sale so they would be ready for the Boar in a month or so.Andree 01929425450/07870504666

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    Hi, We are a bit over 40 miles away, down in Cornwall… but we have a Princess Mary (red blood group) sow for sale, and also a Muriel (green) gilt, both are going in with the boar this weekend so can be sold in pig. I do also have a Bluebell Sow who is in pig to a patrick boar (and so would continue your cyclical system)… I wasn’t planning to sell her as she is my absolute favourite pig but I would consider selling her to the right home as ultimately we are looking to reduce our herd significantly. We could assist with transport if you wanted more than one of them.

    If you want to discuss then my number is 01208 872420 or mobile 07932082024. Our website is and email



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    Thank you for letting me know about your two sows in Cornwall. I have had a chat with my partner and seems a long way to come at the moment with everything we’ve got going on. So will leave it at the moment may contact you an a month or so if we have no luck.Thanks again

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    hi there, we have a Bluebell sow we may consider selling, she’s just been weaned and is currently in with our Patrick boar to be re-covered, easy breeder, catches quickly and has good litter sizes of 8-10, she’s really easy to move around, just have a bucket of nuts and run, and she’s also very friendly, loves a scratch and fuss [:)]

    she’s 2 1/2 years old, born 5/7/2009 🙂

    up for sale as we’re keeping her son for future breeding [:)]

    not sure if too far again, we’re near Belper in Derbyshire [:)]

    email is

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    Hi Sally,

    Have sent you an email.
    We have stock for sale, may be able to help you.
    We are just off M4 J11 Reading.
    Give me a call.
    07977 – 063470


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    Hi Sally

    Have you found any else where? If distance is the only issue we could deliver. Although the muriel is not the blood line you are after we bought her to show and she is a really super looking pig.

    I’ve messed up rather on the timing of the farrowings as the bluebell didn’t take last season and has been covered again today meaning that she is due to farrow at the same time as my third (human) baby is due! as a result I haven’t put the other two in as I’m a bit scared that we won’t be able to sell them and will end up with all three farrowing at the same time as me…

    Anyway, like I say, if you want us to deliver we would be happy to and they could either be in pig to a patrick or not if you wanted them to be covered by a different line.

    If you are at all interested and want to discuss options then please give me a call asap (I’m a little desperate with baby on the way and we are moving farms in a few weeks too!) it’s 01208 872420



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