Fox trouble!!

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    piggy whit harrogate

    just a message to warn you if there are foxes around your area,,we had a litter born last night ,i checked her at ten to five and she had 2 piglets then again at half six this time she had 6 piglets .after watching emmerdale i went out again to see her with my dad and as we aproched the shed the metal spring which keeps the cows in twanged and hit the gate so we thought this was strange so hurried downjust by the shed gate there was a piglet in the mud then a few meters away another then further down the field there was another .two of them were dead and one alive .a fox had been sneakng in to the shed and taking piglets we could see the footprints in the mud where it had been .There were four piglets that needed warming up urgently so we brought them in to the house and floated them in a bucket of warm water to get them going(keeping there heads above water)then dried them in a towel .we had to then take them in to our sitting room and lay them infront of the fire … hour or two later we took them back out to the mother so they could have a of the daed piglets had gone so we knew the fox was around,so we collected the whole litter up and they spent a night in front of the arga.we returned them to the mother in the morrning and there are 9 piglets doing well now .[:)]
    think we will have to go foxing tonight [:D]
    all the best sarahxx




    We have had lambs taken by foxes and they have taken lots of piglets from the commercial outdoor reared pigs next door, its horrid and what makes it more sicking is that there are loads of rabbits all around. I always put a fender outside the ark as well as a straw bale.We are surounded by wildlife trust land and they do not cull foxes but I have a man who comes onto our land and sorts them out he recommend that we put road kill rabbits on the boundries in the same place everytime and keep a record of when they go.I do hope that you get this sorted regards Teresa


    Oh sarah what an awful thing to happen, hope all the survivors make it, as teresa says guards round the farrowing house may help, hope you catch Mr fox.
    best Mandy


    a b

    Hi Sarah and family
    Sad to hear your news, hope you catch the ####### fox.
    We have loads of weaners if you need any lol x x x or send the fox up road from you and do us a favour lol.
    Excellant recovery plan and quick thinking will most probably produce you a super star this year.
    Keep your chin up, see you soon.
    love Jason and Sally.



    What an awful thing to happen, Sarah! Sounds as though you did the best thing in the circumstances. Thanks for the warning!



    piggy whit harrogate

    thanks for all the replies and advice,sending my dad and brother out foxin again to see if we can catch him ,hes been back already tonight but didnt manage to get to her as the dogs warned him off ,fingers crossed they all make it!
    many thanks


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