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    I’m looking for a replacement sow/gilt to run with my Sambo boar so I’m looking for a Bluebell, Dolly, Princess Joan or Countess but would consider one from other groups if avalable.

    We are in Sussex but have trailer and will travel a reasonable distance.

    Many thanks

    07811 443264

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    hi there, sorry I’m confused, do you want one in pig as per title or one to run with your boar as per ad [;)]

    we’ve potentially got either a Bluebell, Dolly or Countess available however the Bluebell having been in with Jack is more than likely to be in pig (the others were in with an unproven boar so haven’t dropped yet to say until the end of the month with the Dolly!) [:)]

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    Sorry, in pig and then to be run with our boar although I will consider either.


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    I have PM’d you.


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    we’ve got a Countess that’s possibly in pig, we did keep her as had her mum but we’re downsizing the pigs a tad and she’s from our boar who we’re keeping now so can’t go to any offspring we’re producing here sadly, he’s an excellent chap, solid, traditional stocky guy, she’s been running with a Rufus boar but he’s unproven pending any farrowings, I never say fertile til there’s piglets on the ground [;)]

    Looking for £250 for her, we’ve also got a 2 1/2 year old Bluebell at same price, she’s an excellent mother, for sale only as keeping her son for future breeding programme so if something happens to our older guy obviously we can’t use him to cover her, she’s recently been weaned and is running with our chap at present, stock from this pairing can be seen (indeed our future breeding boar is from this pairing), she’s very easy to handle and move, bit of feed in a bucket and run…she’ll follow anywhere! [:D]

    In Derbyshire though so depends how far you want to travel!

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    Thank you for your reply but Derbershire is a little too far. Still looking.


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    bramblebee porkers

    Hello Becky is Wisbech PE14 to far
    I have a Dolly gilt here in pig
    Will give more information if needed

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