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    Right, I have approx 20+ breeding sows & for some reason 1 of my sows seems to be targeted by lice.
    I treated her with ivormec before she farrowed (late Dec) & had to give her another injection, as was infested again, 2 weeks ago.
    This is only 3 months between treatments.
    Is it ok to treat every 3 months? Does anyone have any ‘tips’ on how to get rid of the rest of the lice eggs or stop them hatching?
    Any ideas why she seems to be the only one who seems to suffer as I can’t see any lice or eggs on any of the others (they are all kept in seperate pens either alone or in small groups).
    Any info will be greatly appreciated.


    Very strange that only one sow is affected, if lice was in your straw bedding for example you would expect all your sows to have them so it can’t be that. Does a cat or chicken frequent this particular sows pen as they can quite often be the source, also check around for bird’s nests as they’re creepy crawlie ridden. The probable best way is to to bath her in a proprietary flea shampoo ( i use a dog one), clean out her quarters and burn bedding then completley sluice with disinfectant(jeyes or other)let it dry out and put her back with clean bedding.
    Jabbing her every 3months i don’t think is a problem (could check with your vet)but Invomectin is also a wormer and theres a chance she’ll buid up resistance to it so it won’t work as effectively. I have used dog flea powder with some effect on sows before but be careful not to puff it near their face and or in ears, generally i put it along their spine and in their leg/arm pits. Rub in wearing gloves.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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