Barren gilts

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    unfortunately i have two gilts which wont go into pig has anyone any idea which is the easiest way to sell them i am in west mids area


    bramblebee porkers Wisbech


    Are you sure there not in pig all ready, or is your boar fertile or even the right size
    If not just turn them into meat or sausages, sows at the moment are making good money round here at the market


    Crissie Sue
    How old are they? Did you AI or was it natural service?
    As Paul says they will make good bacon & sausage if they are indeed barren but consider all the options particularly if they are still relatively young. If you’ve had them running with the boar they should be in-pig if you used AI thers a good chance you maybe didn’t do it right (i have had about 10 goes with AI and never had any success!)The other thing you could do is ask one of your local farmers if they have a radar listening device that they use on their sheep to see if they are pregnant, we use one to check our girls are in pig.



    thanks for your suggestions but they are both definitely baron.They have been with the boar for about 4 months but still keep coming on heat.Ive seen him serve them each time and i have others about to pig down to him.They have been taken to Mansfield by a local breeder who had some to take as well,sad but that’s all i could do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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