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    TheOak Patrick 189. DOB October 09.

    Bob has been with me since 10mths old and has provided me with some excellent prize winning breeding gilts, a cracking boar and multiple store pigs with excellent conformation. The time has come however to move him on as I need a new stock boar for his daughters.

    Bob is soft natured, gets very excited when he sees a stock trailer reversing towards his pen(from his B&B days) and a good quality example of the breed. He has been a pleasure to have in the herd.

    £200.00- no silly offers please as this chap is worth every penny.

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    Geez, I do this every time…, can try ringing on 01588 650570

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    Hi Allison, Would he be any good for Blue? Please could you also send us Daves pedigree info’ so we can register a couple of the gilts.
    Hope all’s well Emma.

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    Sorry, just read her pedigree, he’s her dad isn’t he? But can we still have Daves info please.

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    Sold subject to collection.

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