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    sadly we have decided to retire from pig keeping and as such our small herd is up for rehoming, any reasonable offers considered.

    Basic rundown is 1 4 year old very prolific Patrick boar who’s never missed a sow yet, 1 Dolly sow, 1 Bluebell sow (can’t remember their ages off hand sorry, I think 3-4 years old), 1 2 year old Primrose sow currently with litter of 11 born on 12/10 at foot, 2 x 3 month old boar finishers and one young 15 month old in pig Primrose gilt.

    sad sale, shed many tears on making the decision but we’re sadly losing where keep them and as such even though have struggled on the last 18 months we’ve had to say it’s time to let them go.

    please email for details on

    if they don’t go privately then they’re off to the next pig sale which I’d really rather they didn’t and would prefer them to go to private homes, fingers crossed [:(]


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    ps/ we will rehome them seperately [:(]

    the boar is 4 years old not 14, the type style makes it appear as though he’s a record aged boar!

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    What price are you looking for re the Primrose gilt ?

    kind regards


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    hi the gilt and the Dolly sow have gone sorry [:)]

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