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      I’m looking to get a sign for GOS sign to go on our farm gate. Does anyone know where I might be able to get one made?
      As well as our herd name, I want to have a stylised picture of a GOS on it. Ideally, I’d like to use something similar to the picture used on the GOS clubs logo. Does anyone have any ideas?

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        Hello Bodger – we had 2 signs from a chap called Paul Chapman in Norfolk, he supplied us with 2 x metal signs quite a few years ago. They were a reasonable price and are still going strong. Dont know if he is still in business but perhaps worth a try

        Best Regards


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          Thanks Helen, that’s a very useful and interesting site.
          I’m looking to get a sign made to go on my farm gate, I want it show my herd name and a picture of a GOS.
          I’ve read on the GOS home page that the image used by the club as a logo can be used by members to promote the breed. If that’s correct can anyone tell me where I can get the image, so that the sign maker can make me a sign?

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            Hi Bodger
            If I have wanted the logos I have just clicked and pasted them from the site. If you click on the logo is should come up on a blank page so that you can save it – it just worked for me when I tried. I have been asking if there are some better quality (high resolution) downloads that we can make available through the members area but so far we, the committee have not found any such images. Please feel free to copy logos from the website for the timebeing and I hope that the printer will be able to use these and do your sign justice. Thank you for wanting the Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig for your sign and I hope that you will continue to enjoy and support this wonderful breed.

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              I love my GOS’s, I first had them twenty odd years ago and started keeping them again about 15 months ago. Even if I could paint spots onto British Lops, things would have to be really desperate for me to change breeds. Lets hope that it doesn’t get to that stage.

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                Hi Bodger
                On all my show blurbs i copy and paste the little gold gos club pig in the top right hand corner of the website, enlarging as necessary.

                Its good to use it on your literature to promote the club and our breed.


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